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Ammonium sulfate

Category : Inorganic chemicals
CAS NO : 7783-20-2          EC NO : 231-984-1
MF : (NH4)2·SO4
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : Ammonium sulfate (2:1);ammonium sulfate, solution;diammonium sulfate;sulfate, ammonium;sulfuric acid, diammonium salt;ammonium sulphate;Ammonia sulfate;
Ammonium sulfate
Molecular Structure:Ammonium sulfate 7783-20-2
Product description:
Product name: Ammonium sulfate
Molecular formula :(NH4)2 SO4
Molecular weight:132
Nitrogen content:≥21.0%
Water content:≤0.3%
Features: industrial product is white or light color crystal, relative density D-20,1.769, decomposed at 235℃ easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol or acetone,has hygroscopicity; can react with alkalis and release ammonia gas.
Use:Can be directly used as fertilizer; also used to produce composite fertilizer, potassium sulfate,ammonium chloride etc.; also used in food, textiles, leather, pharmacy etc.
Packing:In woven bag with plastic liner, net weight 25kg or 40kg.
Storage and transport:In airy and dry place, avoid moisture, water, rain or fire; transported with common vehicles.
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